Catching Up

Catching Up

Sitting in Miss Kitty’s Coffee Cafe in Great Falls Montana.

Going to do a little bit of a picture dump so I don’t get too far behind.

Camp last night was in Lewis and Clark NF outside of Stanford Montana.

The campground had great potential but was unkempt and overgrown. The campground is called Dry Wolf and is split by a nice creek. Unfortunately it was so overgrown it was hard to get to. The campground itself is 22 miles down a dirt road through some nice farmland.

These cows were interested in my truck.

These wanted to stay in the roadway and really didn’t care.


5 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. What a great trip, Steve. I’m so happy you’re in some of my favorite country. We’ve been following you on the map. So glad you’re going to Glacier!
    Happy Trails,
    Mom & Dad

  2. Hi Steve, It was nice meeting you on the trail today, thanks for taking pictures of us. I hope you enjoyed our great big mountain, it’s a beauty and calls me to visit it often. You were right, we were at the best spot for a perfect view, we went up to the edge of the ridge as far as we could and came back to the spot and had our lunch with the mountain, glacier and lake views, it was a perfect lunch! I’m leading another group tomorrow down at Greenwater. If you would like suggestions on trails in the area, I can probably get you connected with some great places to visit. Happy Trails and Enjoy the journey you are on! ~Melinda

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