Red Canyon

Red Canyon

Just outside of Brice Canyon, down towards Zion is an area called Red Canyon. It is a real sleeper.

I passed this place with the intention of carrying on to Brice but I spotted a campground that looked like it had some space in it, so I turned aground to check it out.

This place is awesome. Very clean, spread out and simply beautiful. I took site 23 and set up camp. Sites here are $18 a night with no hookups. It was 4 pm when I got here so I fixed a quick dinner – sausage dogs, chip and water – and went on a hike.

The trail leaves from the camp ground and is about a mile up to a ridge line.

This is at the split about 3/4 of the way to the top. There is another trail that splits off from here that takes you further into the canyon.

I wanted to go up to the ridge so I stayed on Buck Horn Trail.

Thistle along the trail.

That area up there is the destination.

These yellow wild flowers were also prevalent along the way. Life making its way in the desert.

Made it. There is a birds nest on top of the spire, I couldn’t get an angle on it but you could sure hear them when I got close. You can also see it was overcast up here, so the heat wasn’t bad at all. They say that it rains a lot up in this area but the rain doesn’t reach the ground, unfortunately the lightning does and that’s how wildfires start. The rain doesn’t have an opportunity to dampen the fire.

The obligatory selfie from the top.

A so so attempt at a panoramic shot.

Here are some cool colors from one of the burned out trees.

Another one. I think it is interesting how they grow in a spiral.

Pick dump till the end…

This is the exit from Red Canyon on the way to Brice Canyon. The old truck is still hanging in there. Over 260,000 miles on it now. Next stop, Brice Canyon.

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