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Working on Book 2

Working on Book 2

32,000 words and counting on book 2. Needed a little bump so I walked over to the Starbucks that also just so happens to be in Barnes and Noble. The Barnes and Noble people would say that I walked over to the bookstore that happened to have a Starbucks inside. Either way, I Win. I got the mango black iced tea sweetened with lemonade. A most excellent choice for a hot summer day.

Thanks to all who bought the book so far, especially to Gary and Eric who also left a review. If you read it and like it, please leave a review, it helps drive positioning on Amazon.

For those of you with good monitors, you can see that Ashron and Laura are in book two and at least survive to page 85. Dr. Griid may or may not be wearing a red shirt. I haven’t decided yet. That may or may not have been a Star Trek reference. If you don’t know who Ashron or Laura are… Buy the first book. You won’t be disappointed. You’ll have to buy book to to see who Dr. Griid and Sam are.

Back at it Gary… Shaking the tree boss.

My First Novel: Knight Errant

My First Novel: Knight Errant

My first novel has finally been published. I wrote it with a long time friend of mine, Paul Barrett. He has several books out, one of which is in the sidebar. As you can likely tell from the cover of Knight Errant, the genre is Science Fiction/Space Opera. It is now available in eBook and paperback. So choose your preferred format or platform below and…

Buy The Book! Search your favorite platform using the listed ISBN number or click on one of the icons below and they will take you straight to it.

ISBN: 978-1-946143-29-7  ~  Paperback  ~ $18.99 ~ Available Now

ISBN: 978-1-946143-28-0  ~  eBook  ~  $7.99 ~ Orders on eBook Available Now

                eBook Link   

 Paperback Link

All books today are driven by reviews online. So if you like it, please leave a review. This pushes the book up into “suggested for you” or “others who bought this book also bought…” status.  I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think.

Thanks, Steve

Chapter 1 Teaser

Chapter 1 Teaser

Knight Errant

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Trouble walked into the bar and Hawk took notice.

Patrons threw irritated glances toward the door as unwanted light streamed into the murky tavern and a breeze stirred the alcohol-tinged air. Protests in several languages demanded a return to darkness. As soon as the door closed and shadow reclaimed the room, the dissent settled. Hands, tentacles, and pseudopods continued lifting glasses.

No one else paid attention to the man who entered. Hawk, seated at a side table, saw the warning signs. Tense shoulders, clenching hands, darting eyes; all symptoms of a person on the edge of doing something stupid, dangerous, or both.

Hawk scanned the room. His gaze wandered over a multitude of species. He saw one other person observing the twitching newcomer: a slender human female with olive skin and black hair. Her eyes reflected a light of pure gold, marred only by the thin black dots of her pupils. She wore a deep blue executive unisuit and an expression of dread as she stared across the room. A corp-rat of some sort, she appeared completely out of place in a dive like the Ripspace Grotto.

Guess she’s slumming, Hawk thought as he poured a shot of Trill’s Gutter Run—his fifth in the past half-hour—and slammed it down his throat. He knew he shouldn’t be drinking so much, but that didn’t stop him. It hadn’t stopped him in five years, ever since…

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