I know it says leaving, sue me, I got the back side of the sign.

The start of the day I had breakfast at the Abby Inn. Typical hotel fare but a lot of it and a wide variety. It is in a little house behind the hotel. Again, the staff there were friendly and accommodating. You 4 and 5 star people, this place is not for you. You budget minded folks – this is your place.

After leaving the hotel I went to The Grind Coffeehouse to get a good cup of coffee and mooch some wifi. This is a very nice place with your normal coffeehouse fare, but with real food also, not just pastries.

This is the interior of The Grind Coffeehouse. Very cool and inviting atmosphere. An easy place to sit and get caught up.

Zion is about an hour away through a small town called Springdale. This town is set up for tourists visiting Zion. Very nice hotels,shops and restaurants. If you get the chance, I would spend the money and stay here. There are shuttles that run up through the park every ten minutes. Simply catch one, get off at a stop; take pictures, hike, whatever, then hop back on the next one that comes along. Taking the shuttle is the only way to see the most popular sites in the park. Didn’t know that until I already winged my way through, oh well.

Pretty cool rock formation. It looks like a monster rising up out of the valley. It’s hot here today, the thermometer is reading 102. I worked my way through the park, stopping at various pull-outs, hiking and taking pictures.

One of the pull-outs along the road.

One of the hikes took you along a dry creek bed, then up to a cool rock formation.

This is the hike up.

The shot back down.

The obligatory selfie from the top.

Taking a break in the shade.

A little perspective on the climb up. Everything out here is up.

One of the hikes in Zion you work your way through a stream bed that still has water in it and the walls are on all sides. You’ll have to look it up or do the hike yourself, I don’t have a picture of it.

All you get is one of me in a very dry, hot stream bed.

Here is the picture of the exit again, even though I took it on the way in. All of the campgrounds in Zion are full, so I am headed to Brice Canyon in hopes of finding a spot along the way.

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